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Unleash The Power Of Retargeting

What happens when someone visits your site then leaves? With retargeting, we bring them back.

don’t let warm leads go cold


What happens right now when someone visits your website but leaves without calling or leaving a message? Do you have any way to get them back? 

With retargeting (often called remarketing) you do. Indeed, retargeting campaigns are some of the most powerful forms of digital marketing that most businesses fail to use.

Are you using retargeting? If not, you should be.

how does it work?


Ever get the feeling that the internet is stalking you? You talk about a product with a friend and suddenly you’re seeing ads for it? 

That’s usually signs of an effective retargeting campaign. With site retargeting, specifically, we send specific ads to people that visited your website. And we send them even more specific ads based on their site behavior. How do we this? Through cookies.

How Does Retargeting Work - Local Lead Growth Digital Marketing
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bring customers back

Did you know that only 2% of website visitors convert on their first visit? Did you also know that retargeting campaigns increase conversions, on average, by 10%?

Plus, they are 10x more effective than regular display ads. When those 98% leave your website on the first visit, retargeting is what brings them back.

the power of cookies


No, we’re not talking about the cookies that your grandmother makes you. With retargeting, we use cookies to identify users that visited your site and performed certain actions.

Let’s say you’re running a special offer to a landing page that ends in 30 days. If someone visits that landing page, we can send them ads that follow them around the internet and remind them to sign up before those 30 days expire. Now that’s powerful!

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Powerful reporting


Every campaign with Local Lead Growth, including Retargeted Ads, comes with state-of-the-art data-driven reporting that you can access 24/7.

Listen to every phone call we capture. Read every form fill we send you. All under one roof. Always accessible and up-to-date. Plus, we’ll review your reporting with you every month. Plus, much more.

Retargeting Benefits


Discover all of the benefits that Remarketing Ads has to offer your business. Start getting more leads today.

nurture warm leads

highly targeted

bring back visitors

increase conversions

high conversion rate

amazing reports

relevant traffic

brand awareness

strong ROI

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