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Every strong lead-generating digital marketing campaign should start with Google Ads. Luckily, Google Ads is our bread and butter.

Need Leads? We Got You


Take a shortcut straight to the top of search results with Google Ads. With a well-run Google Ads campaign, you will appear above your competitors for services that your potential customers are actively searching for.

Your customers have a problem. You have a solution. Google Ads is the bridge that gets them there. At Local Lead Growth, we’re great at building bridges.

ready-to-buy clients


With Google Ads, we go after future customers with intent to buy. That way, you get the most valuable leads from clients that are more than ready to purchase from your business.

By sending you the most high-quality leads that are in the buyer’s window, you can convert those strong leads into paying customers quickly, increasing your return on investment and growing your business exponentially.

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beat your competitors

Dont’ be fooled. Google Ads is not easy. Your competitors are already likely bidding on your own business name. But at Local Lead Growth, we price ourselves on always staying one step above the competiton and doing everything it takes to bring your Google Ad campaign to the top.

How do we this? First, we get to understand every part of your business so we can build the most powerful campaign to start. Then, we optimize that campaign every day based on the data until “we reach the digital mountaintop.”

free landing page


With every Google Ads campaign, we offer a free landing page. These landing pages are built for conversions. They are designed to convert relevant searches into actual leads on the first visit. 

Our landing pages are optional. We can always run to your website. However, many campaigns can benefit tremendously from these data-driven, time -tested landing pages that can help generate more leads for your business.

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Incredible reporting


Every campaign with Local Lead Growth, including Google Ads, comes with state-of-the-art data-driven reporting that you can access 24/7.

Listen to every phone call we capture. Read every form fill we send you. All under one roof. Always accessible and up-to-date. Plus, we’ll review your reporting with you every month. Plus, much more.

Google Ad Benefits


Discover all of the benefits that Google Ads has to offer your business. Start getting more leads today.

faster than seo

highly targeted

beat competitors

ready to buy clients

high conversion rate

amazing reports

relevant traffic

brand awareness

strong ROI

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