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Grow Your Leads With Facebook Ads

Social Media Marketing can be a lead-generating machine for certain businesses. Here’s how.

be where your customers are


Your potential customers are likely using social media. Why not reach them where they hang out most with targeted Facebook Ads that speaks to their interest? With ads on Facebook and Instagram you can help solve your customers’ problems while they spend time on their favorite social networks. 

target everything


What are your ideal customer’s interests? Do they like sports? Are they online shoppers? Are their demographics females between ages 18-30? 

With Facebook Ads, we are able to build very targeted ads that speak to the demographic that we’re advertising to. As such, we can greatly increase conversion rates.

Social Ads Searching - Local Lead Growth Digital Marketing
Facebook Ads - Local Lead Growth Digital Marketing

Facebook unleashed

Did you know that Facebook is the 3rd most-visited website in the world? With 3 billion monthly users across the globe, what are the chances your customers are on there

Answer: pretty good. Our Facebook Ads target your ideal customers based on their demographics, behaviors and interests. We go after clients most likely to convert.

the instagram combo


Instagram is the most-downloaded app in the world. Not only that, but it’s the 9th most-Google search term and has 2 billion active monthly users.

For many businesses, Instagram can be a very effective targeted ad campaign, especially when combined with Facebook Ads.

Instagram Ads - Local Lead Growth Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Reports - Local Lead Growth



Every campaign with Local Lead Growth, including Facebook Ads, comes with state-of-the-art data-driven reporting that you can access 24/7. 

Listen to every phone call we capture. Read every form fill we send you. All under one roof. Always accessible and up-to-date. Plus, we’ll review your reporting with you every month. Plus, much more.

facebook Ad Benefits


Discover all of the benefits that Facebook Ads has to offer your business. Start getting more leads today.

engaging visuals

highly targeted

reach new audiences

boost social pages

follow until convert

amazing reports

relevant traffic

brand awareness

ideal client profiles

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